4 Social Media Tips from Red Root

Small businesses struggle to keep up with their Social Media and the constant changes on these platforms. Red Root Marketing loves to make things a snap for entrepreneurs, so here are some simple tips to make your work (and life!) a bit easier in the Social Media sphere:

  1. Use a Content Calendar. The key to success with social media is planning, planning, planning. Without planning your posts for the week, or even the month, you may run out of ideas or time and therefore end up not posting anything! We suggest spending time on Sunday evenings looking at your schedule for the upcoming week to decide what you should advertise and discuss on your social media accounts. Use our content calendar here.

  2. Develop a list of keywords and hashtags that you will use online on a regular basis. This will lead to organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and people being able to find your business online! Your hashtags should include some that are standard for your industry (example for Red Root Marketing: #socialmedia #smallbusiness #socialmediamarketing) and some that are unique to you (#growwithredroot).

  3. Make sure you know which posts are working and which are not. Your customers and followers may be more interested in one subject over another. Use the Insights and Analytics at your disposal--on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite--whatever you may be using, they all have some form of metrics! This data will help you figure out how to communicate your message to keep these potential customers engaged and interested in your content.

  4. The other key to success on social media is to be active and consistent! Remember to take part in the community by following other people of interest to you, commenting on and sharing their content and letting them know you enjoy their posts. Post on a regular basis to show your followers/customers that you are a working, dynamic business. Think of social media as your storefront -- people want to see what you are up to and with your use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, they can do that from the comfort of their homes!

Now we have a question for you: What is your one biggest concern about social media? Answer us at redroot@maarek.com, we may use your answer in a future newsletter.

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Planning for Social Media – Part 1

Hi Friends,

As a marketing agency, posting on social media is part of our daily duty. We do it for ourselves and we also do it for our clients. Posting is something that we like to do in a logical manner, a way that makes sense for our business, and that is in parallel with our schedule. For instance, if we have an event in 3 weeks, we will announce it as soon as possible, and then, throughout the following weeks, we’ll remind our followers that it is coming up.

These posts need to be published in staggered way, through other types of announcements. And since we can have diverse cases to post to social media for at once, we like to plan ahead in order to post effectively.
If you have already attended one of our presentations on social media, you have received one of our Content Calendars. For those of you who haven’t (or if you wish to get a fresh copy) here is your free printable

This content calendar is what we use to plan out our whole week, sometimes even a month, of posts for Facebook and Twitter. It keeps us organized and helps us visualize what we need to share with our followers.

I personally like to post to Facebook at least once a day and have at least 2 per week that are original content. For Twitter, I like having 3-5 posts daily including at least two that are original content. {As a reminder, “original content” is something that you write in your own words, with your own information, whereas the rest may be reposts: other people’s Facebook posts and/or Tweets that you deem interesting and want to share with your followers.}

Here is an example of how we plan our posts for the week:

To see more examples of our Twitter posts, follow us here.
Feel free to use and re-use our Content Calendar, and snap pictures to share on your social media how you make use of it. Tag us with #growwithredroot so we can see your posts.
Have fun planning away and stay tuned for Planning for Social Media – Part 2.

We wish you a safe and fun Independence Day!