Instagram Stories

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If you aren't using the Stories and Highlights on Instagram yet, you need to start! It is a great way to get on prospective clients' feeds and show a bit of your brand's personality, a peak behind the scenes! Stories last for 24 hours but can be saved in the Highlights section under your bio. Here are some good reasons to use Instagram Stories for your business:

  1. Your Stories are "discoverable" which means that even people not following you can find your Stories!

  2. You can tag accounts and send them the Story directly. This is a fun way to support other businesses in your community!

  3. You can showcase services and products to help them stand out.

  4. Stories are a fun way to goose engagement with the Polls and Questions features

  5. It is a great way to show your personality, your passion for what you do and this will add to your following.

Write to us with any questions you have about Instagram Stories. We can't wait to see what you create! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @redrootmarketing where we share lots of social media marketing tips and we will be sure to follow you back!

Amplify your message!


We spend a lot of time thinking about how small businesses can expand their impact and reach in their communities. Creating real life relationships with community partners who can help you amplify your message is key and social media is one of the channels to help you connect. When you think strategically about connecting online, social media can become your most powerful marketing tool.

Let us support you in creating a social media marketing strategy to reach the prospects that you are missing. We promise to help you think deeper about your audiences, your messaging and of course, your calls to action. Book your consulting session with our team and get rooted in your community.

Red Root Summer News

We have so many fabulous things brewing for the fall and can't wait to share just a few with you! 

  • Our new fall workshops will include Small Biz Growth Strategies and Getting a Jump on Holiday Marketing.

  • We are planning a 5-week Incubator Series for Small Biz Owners at the Red Root office in Verona. Our vision is to provide local entrepreneurs with Space, Knowledge and Support to Plan for Growth. Stay tuned for more info on this amazing opportunity and email us here if you want to get in on the ground floor as spots will be extremely limited.

What kind of support for your business do YOU Need? Contact us here today to discuss.