F.O.Y.W. Figure Out Your Why

Dear Friends,
Small businesses must have their mission in mind when creating their business and marketing strategies, but they do not necessarily follow the same process when deciding on the social media channels on which they should spend time and money.

If you have missed this crucial step, here are a three things to keep in mind when figuring out your social media WHY:

  • You do not have to be on every social media platform, no matter what anyone tells you! My suggestion is to pick one or two platforms and focus on those.

  • To manage those platforms well, figure out what your PURPOSE there is. For example, we found the inspiration for the Red Root Facebook page when we realized it was a great place to showcase local businesses and events. That is our WHY.

  • It is worth your while to sit and write out the mission statement of your business if you haven't done this before. When you have this in front of you, write down the WHY of your social media avenues. Are you there to highlight your services, sell a product, engage with customers, show a dynamic business philosophy? What do you want to convey to your clients and potential clients?

When you reflect on these things, your job of posting to your platforms and your road to success will be that much smoother. I would love to discuss your WHY with you, so please email me at redroot@maarek.com.