Tell Your Story

As small businesses, we are always trying to communicate our stories--our why--to potential customers. We use social media, email blasts, press releases, direct mail, word of mouth and events to get the buzz going around our brands. One marketing avenue you may have thought of, but have not yet pursued, is video. Making a video to post on your website and on your social media, whether it be testimonials, a demo of your product or simply telling the story of how your business came to be, is a powerful way to show people who you are and why they should trust you with their business. 

An article on buffersocial by Mridu Khullar Relph reminds us that we are all on overload with messages from many different places and it is difficult and necessary to cut through this noise in order to reach customers. Relph says, "It’s easy to quickly dismiss information that’s not relevant to us or that we don’t personally care about. Storytelling makes information relevant. It makes us care."

Genevieve Castelino and Kiran Merchant filmmakers and owners of Chakra Media Group remind us that,  "Emotion drives decision making. Behind every brand, product or service is a person with a fascinating and compelling story of why and how it came to be. Find that story and its emotional core – that’s your connection with your audience. And that’s why our tagline is ‘Everyone Has A Good Story. What’s Yours?”

Red Root is partnering with this dynamic company Chakra Media Group of seasoned storytellers and talented marketers. Genevieve  and Kiran will help you to extract the essence of your mission and bring it to the screen. Create a story that will connect you with your potential customers. Contact us at to set up a consultation with Kiran and Genevieve today!