4 Concerns About Social Media And How To Remediate

Hi Friends,

In our last informative newsletter “4 Tips for Social Media”, we asked you to share your biggest concern about social media. Here are four questions that really stood out to me, and how I suggest you go about remediating them:
1.Are my posts being seen? 
You have to make sure to check back often on your social media posts and see what happens. Were your followers engaged (when you ask questions, do they answer)? How many likes and shares did each post receive? Facebook analytics let you know about the numbers right on your Facebook Page. As for Twitter and Instagram, you have to check that out yourself, but no worries, it’s super fast and easy.
If you feel like your posts are not engaging your audience enough, then you may have to change either the content (maybe your followers are only interested in a particular kind of posts) or try posting at another time of the day.
2.Is this social media really going to bring me more customers?
Ultimately, yes. Social media enables you to put yourself out there and help with your brand recognition, hence getting you new clients. But to do this successfully, you need to make sure that your posts are geared towards your ideal customer. If you sell a product, you should be posting about new upcoming products or showcase how they are made. If you sell a service, give a piece of advice, share something that will interest your customers and ask them to share what you posted with their friends.
3.I really don’t understand how [this social media (insert Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)] can work for me.
Ok, that’s fine! I can surely think of different ways that it could help your business, but remember; it has to feel natural to YOU. Don’t push nor pressure yourself into doing something you don’t feel excited about, because you won’t enjoy it and won’t do it on a consistent basis. Pick another platform, or stick to the one you already have. But I would recommend that you create an account for your business on each social media so people can find you, and state that you are “partying” on (insert the social media of your preference). ;)
4.My followers see and like my posts, but how can I engage them and have them share my posts?
This is one of the most important things to do on social media. Social media is there as a tool for you to market yourself for free, right? So, it means that you want as many people to know about you as possible so that you can get more customers. Your followers, need to engage in your posts, and they need to say “Wow, this is so cool, I want to share it with the world!” Think what that exceptional thing for your business can be. Don’t hesitate to get inspired by others, but make sure to have your original touch to it! 

Please feel free to send us your questions and concerns at redroot@maarek.com.

Best of Luck!!