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Avoid Social Media Mishaps in the New Year!

When someone visits your business Facebook page is the first post they see a Happy New Years graphic? And is the second one from Thanksgiving? Yes? You need to up your social media game. Compelling content is at the ROOT of strong social media engagement; and that engagement is what builds your brand’s audience, an efficient form of lead generation!

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‘Tis the Season of Hashtag Holidays


For local and small businesses up to 40% of annual revenue is earned in November and December. To not capitalize on the marketing power of the season, including the commercially created hashtag holidays, is truly a lost opportunity. However, which should you take advantage of and how?

#BlackFriday started as an in-store sales event, but is now a pervasive, expected seasonal discount spanning most of November. The noise and competition around #BlackFriday is so dramatic that it requires heavy promotion to stand out in the crowd. While full participation in a #BlackFriday event may not be appropriate for all small businesses, the strategy of an appealing loss-leader to drive store traffic can be very effective.

#SmallBusinessSaturday, founded by American Express, is a marketing approach with increasing resonance for consumers and communities. As we experience the explosion of online behemoths, big box multi-nationals, and even suburban malls, community and civically-minded consumers are drawn to patronizing and promoting their local stores and services. The online creative assets available at  make it easy to convey a #SmallBusinessSaturday message and remind shoppers to come out in force on November 25th.

#CyberMonday has lost some of its impact with the digitization of #BlackFriday. However, consumers have been trained to watch their email inbox diligently on Monday, November 27th because they know that the very best offers will be shared on that date and via that channel. Email lists should be built, cleaned and nurtured over the course of the year with this one email blast in mind.

For non-profits and fundraisers, #GivingTuesday was created to capitalize on the holiday hashtag momentum. Marketing connected to this hashtag provides a boost to all usual development efforts and enjoys a halo of conscience and community responsibility. The sharing aspect of social media and email are perfect platforms for the #GivingTuesday message. This year, Facebook will waive its 5% commission on all money raised on November 28th, increasing the impact of contributions which is important to donors and non-profits alike.

Taking advantage of the holiday hashtag phenomenon requires advance planning and benefits from teaser campaigns that start the promotions much earlier than the appointed dates. Next year, Red Root Marketing will be happy to help you begin your planning and execution in September for maximum impact.


Small Business Lessons We've Learned From You

Jess and Lynne at the North Jersey Woman Expo, West Orange, NJ November 6, 2017. Photo by Dan Epstein of Dan Epstein Photography

Jess and Lynne at the North Jersey Woman Expo, West Orange, NJ November 6, 2017. Photo by Dan Epstein of Dan Epstein Photography

This past week, the Red Root Marketing team spent Monday night at the North Jersey Woman’s Expo. We handled social media and online promotion for the event, posting 100s of photos and shout outs to the 70 vendors and over 600 attendees. Walking around the expo gave us the opportunity to learn how these mostly small business entrepreneurs challenged traditional marketing strategy. Each of these innovators had a lesson to share – below are just a few:

·       Don’t resign yourself to a single demographic. From Papertrails, offering DIY paper crafting classes and party services, we learned about marketing beyond a traditional target audience. One might think that paper crafting would start and end with pirate and princess masks at children’s events. However, these amazing women were able to capitalize on the growing market for adult craft experiences with events like ‘The Real Selfie’ party for adults to gather and create versions of themselves in paper.

·       Passion fuels innovation. Judith Antelman of Bark & Truffle loves Parisian chocolates, particularly creamy truffles, but wanted to create a dairy-free, sugar-free version. One might think, ‘c’est impossible!’ After years of trial and error, Judith finally perfected a rich chocolate that rivals those found in the City of Lights. The world is a better place because of the determination of innovators like Judith, and so many of our own clients who are creating gluten-free baked goods, healthy water enhancers and antioxidant rich drinks.

·       Leverage burgeoning markets. As baby boomers age, elder care is a huge growth market. Wendy Sabin, LCSW, LLC, founded Sabin Elder Care Solutions, an expansive service that helps people navigate the difficult task of aging in place, managing geriatric crises or just providing guidance and resources as aging and life care advisors.

·       Package hope. And, for me personally, as I listen to my daughter complain about the dearth of datable young men in college, I was delighted to meet Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW, Matchmaker, Dating Coach and Relationship Expert, and hear about the bright future of happy couples she has brought together or made stronger through her services. Julianne will be my first phone call when this Jewish mother feels it’s time for grandchildren.

Join us at the next Expo event in the spring – we’d love to learn your story.

We love our clients!

We here at Red Root Marketing feel extremely lucky to be able to work with hardworking, dedicated entrepreneurs every day. I mean, can you imagine? That's our job! And we take it very seriously. With the new year already here, we are taking stock of what we are thankful for: our amazing clients that go out there every day, perfecting their craft and striving to bring the best services and products to their customers. And they allow us to accompany them on their journey, making every day an absolute blessing and pleasure.
Here is to all of you!

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We love our clients! #growwithredroot

Build a Bike for Foster Youth

Our amazing and generous client Regina Radomski from Fillin' the Blanks and Conquering Adoption Support Group, is showing us a way to Pay it Forward with her Build a Bike Campaign.

You can't be sad when riding a bicycle.
Help us give back to the Foster Care/Adoption Community by raising funds to buy and build bicycles for kids in foster care. Please donate here:

Please share this link and spread the word! We are looking to raise funds before December 12, 2016.

Every dollar counts because you can't be sad when riding a bicycle. Help Fillin' the Blanks make these foster children smile and feel carefree.
#fillintheblanks #fostercare #fosterkids #payitforward #buildabike#youcantbesadwhenridingabicycle #togetherwerise

Linking Your Business Social Media Accounts

Let's Connect: Increase Your Reach and Your Free Time

So you’ve done it: you created new content to post to your social media accounts for your loyal followers! As a small business, disseminating your message on social media is vital to attracting and maintaining people who are interested in your particular brand. Now that you have created this content though, the thought of having to individually post it to all of your different accounts seems more like a drag rather than a fun task that you know will benefit you in the long run. Lucky for you, there is an easy way to link your social media accounts so that one post can show up across all of your accounts! Today, we’re going to focus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, see below!

Connect Your Instagram to Facebook and Twitter
Instagram, the photo-sharing mobile app is a fabulous tool to post visuals about your brand and get other users excited about your small business. Instagram is set up to easily link your Facebook and Twitter accounts! So how do you do it?

  1. Choose your content and edit it to your liking in the Instagram app
  2. Press next, which will bring you to where you are prompted to write a caption, add a location, tag friends, etc. At the bottom of that page there will be options to post your picture to Facebook, Twitter, and the other accounts mentioned above.
  3. Slide whichever ones you want until the bar turns green. At this point, Instagram will prompt you to sign into your Facebook and Twitter to authorize your accounts.
  4. Once you have signed in, you’re done! Post away and feel content knowing your content will be posted across multiple platforms at once

Connect Your Facebook to Twitter
Now that your Instagram is linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can link your Facebook to your Twitter account. Upon doing this, all of your content that you post on Facebook will immediately post on Twitter as well. Here's how:

  1. Log into your Twitter account and go to the Settings page.
  2. Click App’s Tabs
  3. Next, press Connect To Facebook
  4. Here, it will prompt you to sign into your Facebook, once again to authorize you as the user
  5. After a quick security disclaimer from Twitter, press Okay
  6. Then, you will be asked to determine your privacy settings. Here is where you decide whether you would like your content to be visible to your friends or the general public
  7. Press Okay and there you have it! 

Connect Your Twitter to Facebook
It is also possible for you to connect your Twitter with your Facebook page so any tweets you post or re-tweet will also show up on Facebook. This is less common but is still a great way to broadcast your message. To do this:

  1. Log into Twitter and go to Settings
  2. Go to the Apps page
  3. Under Facebook, press Connect to Facebook
  4. At this point you need to grant twitter the right to “manage pages” so that you can link to your Facebook page
  5. Select whichever Facebook page you want to link and press “allow permission”
  6. You're connected!

Note: Just as a disclaimer, if you choose to link your Facebook with your Twitter or vice versa, be mindful of where you post your Instagram content! Meaning, if you post an Instagram to Facebook and Twitter, but also have your Facebook and Twitter linked, your Instagram content will post to Twitter more than once.

We hope that this small business social media tip will benefit you in saving time on your social media marketing! If you have any questions, contact We hope to see you soon!

Tag us on your posts and we will post your content to our social media accounts!
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Small Business Feature - How I Doubled My Client Base with Simone Sloan

I recently hired Simone Sloan, a business and leadership coach, to conduct an objective analysis of how I run my business to see if there was anything I could do to implement a strategy to grow my business. Simone helped me find solutions to obstacles and problems that had been plaguing me and my business for some time, by coaxing ideas and answers from me in an incredibly effective way. She also developed concrete strategies for me to expand my business.
After working with Simone, I literally doubled my client base! Find out below how she helped me and can help you too...

How do you help entrepreneurs grow their business?

  • I provide insights and create actions bringing about real business results.
  • I can also transform your approach to business through structured, intuitive and positive coaching to allow your business to flourish.
  • Another thing I do is I help you get past business ‘roadblocks’ impeding your growth by providing a 360 degrees assessment of the business to optimize strategies to increase your client base, revenue, and accelerate your growth.

What type of results have clients received working with you?
I align an entrepreneur’s vision and strategies to:

  • Increase revenue and client base
  • Streamline their business service offerings
  • Hone communication message
  • Optimize personal branding

What gets you out of bed every day?

  • My passion and energy comes from working with people and organizations who are committed to change and willing to embrace positive behaviors and new ways of thinking.

Why should someone use a business coach?

  • Change is a constant. But managing change to your own advantage needs a helping hand. That’s where I come in with my business experience and training, really listening to your needs to help you to improve.

With what type of people do you work?

  • I partner with entrepreneurs and small business owners. I meet and work with you either in person or on SKYPE. I enjoy providing a personalized approach to address your business needs.

What services do you offer?
I offer the following services:

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Personal branding and Leadership presence
  • Sales training or sales optimization

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

  • The positive impact and success achieved not only with the people with whom I work, but also the positive ripple effect their success has on those they touch.
  • I enjoy seeing clients unleash the untapped power from within and utilizing that power to grow and improve their business.

What legacy do you hope to leave through your work?

  • The legacy that I would like to leave through my work is the image of a tree. The tree has strong roots, it grows, shares it fruits and continues to nourish future generations.

What is it about your business that makes you feel that it’s the right fit for you?

  • I wake up every morning and I am energized by the work and success that I see in my clients, as well as the positive feedback that I receive from them. It is natural and my true self shows up every day.

If you are interested in working with Simone Sloan or having her come to speak at your networking event or company, please contact her at:
MBY Coach, LLC

Warmest wishes,

4 Social Media Tips from Red Root

Small businesses struggle to keep up with their Social Media and the constant changes on these platforms. Red Root Marketing loves to make things a snap for entrepreneurs, so here are some simple tips to make your work (and life!) a bit easier in the Social Media sphere:

  1. Use a Content Calendar. The key to success with social media is planning, planning, planning. Without planning your posts for the week, or even the month, you may run out of ideas or time and therefore end up not posting anything! We suggest spending time on Sunday evenings looking at your schedule for the upcoming week to decide what you should advertise and discuss on your social media accounts. Use our content calendar here.
  2. Develop a list of keywords and hashtags that you will use online on a regular basis. This will lead to organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and people being able to find your business online! Your hashtags should include some that are standard for your industry (example for Red Root Marketing: #socialmedia #smallbusiness #socialmediamarketing) and some that are unique to you (#growwithredroot). 
  3. Make sure you know which posts are working and which are not. Your customers and followers may be more interested in one subject over another. Use the Insights and Analytics at your disposal--on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite--whatever you may be using, they all have some form of metrics! This data will help you figure out how to communicate your message to keep these potential customers engaged and interested in your content.
  4. The other key to success on social media is to be active and consistent! Remember to take part in the community by following other people of interest to you, commenting on and sharing their content and letting them know you enjoy their posts. Post on a regular basis to show your followers/customers that you are a working, dynamic business. Think of social media as your storefront -- people want to see what you are up to and with your use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, they can do that from the comfort of their homes!

Now we have a question for you: What is your one biggest concern about social media? Answer us at, we may use your answer in a future newsletter.

Tag us on your social media and we will repost your content!

See you on social media!
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SEO the Organic Way

Many business owners worry about how prospective clients will find them online. One of the easiest and most effective ways for potential clients to find you and your business, is to add new content to your website and social media platforms. 

Sounds too good to be true? Studies show that the more fresh content you post and the more activity happening on your social media pages and your website, the more frequently a search engine will visit your site.

So, how to create fresh content with so little time? Create a content calendar (Red Root has one you can download here) with some ideas about what you want to write (short and sweet is sometimes the best method) and a graphic and you can spend less than an hour a week scheduling these posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Remember to create and reuse a list of A) Pertinent Keywords that may show up in searches for your business (Red Root example: social media, social media marketing, marketing, events, small business, entrepreneurs, north jersey) and B) Hash Tags (Red Root example: #socialmedia #growwithredroot #locallove #hyperlocal). Use both of these things on a regular basis in your posts and on your website.

Questions? Call us 973 650 0960 or email us at

Happy posting!


Small Business Feature - Ellen Atkins of The Suburban Monk

Let me introduce you to an entrepreneur with an amazing story of inspiration and joy...

I stopped by Coqui Designs, a local florist in Cedar Grove. The owner, George, showed me a new product he had recently added to his shelves. It was a smiling, fat little Buddha named Syd and I was interested in the story behind the statue. 

George said a local woman had come up with the concept and that Syd was already flying off the shelves! I knew I had to find the creator and tracked her down at to see how she marketed Syd. Her name is Ellen Atkins and her story will encourage and inspire you. Creating Syd and The Suburban Monk came from a time of major transition in her life, where the past was gone . . . but she wasn’t quite sure what the future held. That void was very uncomfortable but Ellen was determined to find her way.

Here is a snippet of what I found out about Ellen and Syd…

Ellen was a respected CPA in her old life and liked her job well enough, but had a constant nagging feeling that there was a whole world that she was missing. Ellen could not put her finger on it, but her inner voice grew louder every day and it said: “Don’t get to the end of your life not having found the courage to see what else is out there.” Day after day, she went to work, raised her family and really had a wonderful life. Nothing was logical about quitting her 30 years in the corporate world to create her two thumbs up statue named Syd...but off she went.

The day after her first son left for college, she quit her career. That choice felt liberating but she had no idea about the next step. After trying all kinds of things, she became hyper-focused on what brought her real happiness, that real spark of joy in the moment, such as: a quote, a color or Laughing Monk statues she found in a catalogue. She bought a few monks and began to dress them up, attaching quotes and sending pictures to friends. There was such a positive reaction that she realized that adults laughed so little in their lives. She made it her mission to change that.

Ellen felt compelled to attend an Omega retreat with Michael Beckwith and this opened her heart to the metaphysical and spiritual world around her.  She started to follow her fun and creativity and before you knew it, a business was formed called The Suburban Monk with the cornerstone product being Syd, her two thumbs up magical little Buddha statue.

Syd brings joy in 14 different colors: Optimistic Orange, Abundant Green, Blissful Bronze and Sat Nam Silver to name a few… Syd brings fun, happiness, hope and good luck, humor, encouragement and inspiration to everyone.

Please visit to learn more about Ellen and Syd. Be sure to follow them on social media at FB and Instagram. Contact Ellen at Live. Laugh. Monk!

Tips To Manage Your Business Online

It's easy, free and can even be fun!

Here are some fun, easy and free tips on how to manage your business's online presence:

  • Create a business account profile on all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), but choose one or two upon which you will create content on a regular basis. Carve out 10 minutes a day or 1 hour a week to sit down and post. Think of it as fun downtime (I'm serious)! 
  • Link some of these accounts (for example, Instagram to Facebook and Facebook to Twitter) so the content you create on one will go out everywhere
  • Write content that is short and sweet; pertinent to your current and potential customers; interesting; and establishes you as an expert in your field. 
  • Get alerts from ContentGems that will send you an aggregate of information that is relevant to your field. You enter the keywords of articles in which you are interested and you will get daily alerts that you can post directly to your Twitter feed (or copy and paste URL and post on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Google your businessand see what comes up! You should see these at the top, in any order: your website, your business Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, business Yelp reviews, etc. If you don't see these, that means if potential customers Google you, they will not find you and you need better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! Social media will help with this tremendously.
  • Create a Google Alert for your business, so you know when you are being talked about online and can respond or post to your social media
  • Newsletters are a great way to get your content and business expertise out to your contacts and clients and is a great way to stay on your potential clients's radar. Keep people in tune with what you are up to in your business!
  • Use content that you have used in your newsletters and post this to your LinkedIn profile as posts. All of you contacts will see this content, there is no algorithm (like in Facebook) to keep your contacts from seeing this content (bonus!) See my LinkedIn posts here.

REMEMBER: Your ultimate goal with Social Media is to drive awareness, generate leads and stay on the radar. When people find you, discover your great service/product and added value, this will lead to loyal customers and more business - complete success on your end!


Facebook Q&A

Through talking with our clients, we’ve realized that business owners have the same kind of questions and/or issues when it comes to Facebook.
Here are some of them, with our best advice as answers.
Q. Why don’t I get any feedback (likes or comments) even though I post regularly?

A. Do not get discouraged by the engagement numbers you get on your Business Page. Of course, we all want to be certain that people like and comment our posts, but some of our followers are busy and sometimes just scroll through their feed, read what they are interested in, and keep on scrolling. This does not mean that they do not read your post. Others people may not want their “friends” to see what they have liked.
What should be important to you right now is the number of people your posts reach. If that number is small, you have to reconsider what you are writing. Remember that the ever-changing Facebook algorithm makes it harder for your posts to be accepted by Facebook and delivered to your followers. If on the other hand, the number of people reached is a bigger and bigger pool every time, then you are doing a good job! Remember to vary your content, create a voice for your post and put forth your expertise, this is a perfect place to show what you know!

Q. I only have one Facebook account, can I use it for both my business and private life events?

A. It’s usually best to separate your private life to your business. Just remember this, if you are looking for a private teacher/tutor for your kids, you may not feel comfortable hiring the one who is posing in a bikini every weekend. Not that you would ever do that of course, but it’s the idea! Keep the personal stuff that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with your potential clients out of your business related information.
However, if your lifestyle reflects your business, feel free to share some pictures amongst your business information. If you are a swimwear designer, then those personal bikini pictures are very welcome on your business page!
Q. Is the time of posting important?

A. Yes, depending on who your ideal clients are, the time at which you will post will impact your reachability. For instance, if your clients are moms who are businesswomen, posting during the day is less likely going to reach them than if you post after the kids are in bed. You have to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and imagine what their day looks like and when they will possible have the opportunity to check their Facebook feed.

Q. How do I determine what the best posting time is?

A. It’s usually by trial and error. Pay close attention to your Facebook analytics and adapt your postings according to what you want your results to be. You can find some valuable resources on our Pinterest board to give you some support, and also keep in mind that your best posting times may vary depending on who your ideal client is, as mentioned above.

Q. How do you deal with the “haters”?

A. “Haters” are everywhere. Your best bet is to always keep your integrity and answer their comments in your best possible voice. Do not let them bring you down, and do not vent about it publicly either. Answering by another attack is not going to do any good to you or your business. Be the bigger person and respond positively and maybe teach him/her a lesson. ;)

Have a great week, and keep posting!!

Have more questions? Join us for our 1st mini seminar of the year! 
Guest Speaker, Julbert Abraham, CEO of AGM, a LinkedIn training and Marketing firm, will discuss LinkedIn for your business.
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