Do your customers know how awesome you are?

They may not, and it’s your job to make sure they know just how amazing your company is. But how can we do this authentically, and without overdoing it and putting people off? Here are a few tips for making sure people know about AND are excited by your success.

1.     Make sure your business is truly customer-centric. Before you can ‘authentically’ brag, is your business ‘customer first.’ Revenue is critical – but how is the revenue made? Repeat clients or high churn? Customer-centric business success includes metrics like retention rates, customer satisfaction levels, referral volume, community impact, product/service value...are just a few. What are some of the metrics you track?  

2.     Sharing rather than telling. Actions do speak louder than words. Once your clients and customers are at the center, let your actions tell the story. Social media marketing is a perfect channel for this type of storytelling. Satisfied client testimonials, thanking followers for their comments and shares, photos showcasing world-class service and outstanding value – these are all ways that your business’s awesome-ness can be communicated in a way that will actually reinforce itself with more shares and referrals, leading to more revenue and sales.

3.     Stand for something in the community. Volunteering, contributing and giving back to the community reinforce your business’s role in the community. Are there organizations, groups or needs in your community that align with your business? If you’re a restaurant, can you help address food insecurity in your area? If you’re a clothing retailer, are there non-profits with fundraisers needing raffle donations? If your product or service is targeted to children or families, consider sports sponsorships or PTA support. And, again, social media marketing is the perfect way to promote the heck out of those worthy organizations and your humble support of them. Your customers will be proud to be associated with your business.

Red Root Marketing bases its business on making sure customers know how awesome our clients are. Every post, photo, video and tweet builds a story about the business, the impact it makes in the community and with its customers, and the wins it achieves. This story is built over time, but the impact is powerful. You are amazing – tell your story!