Facebook Q&A

Through talking with our clients, we’ve realized that business owners have the same kind of questions and/or issues when it comes to Facebook.
Here are some of them, with our best advice as answers.
Q. Why don’t I get any feedback (likes or comments) even though I post regularly?

A. Do not get discouraged by the engagement numbers you get on your Business Page. Of course, we all want to be certain that people like and comment our posts, but some of our followers are busy and sometimes just scroll through their feed, read what they are interested in, and keep on scrolling. This does not mean that they do not read your post. Others people may not want their “friends” to see what they have liked.
What should be important to you right now is the number of people your posts reach. If that number is small, you have to reconsider what you are writing. Remember that the ever-changing Facebook algorithm makes it harder for your posts to be accepted by Facebook and delivered to your followers. If on the other hand, the number of people reached is a bigger and bigger pool every time, then you are doing a good job! Remember to vary your content, create a voice for your post and put forth your expertise, this is a perfect place to show what you know!

Q. I only have one Facebook account, can I use it for both my business and private life events?

A. It’s usually best to separate your private life to your business. Just remember this, if you are looking for a private teacher/tutor for your kids, you may not feel comfortable hiring the one who is posing in a bikini every weekend. Not that you would ever do that of course, but it’s the idea! Keep the personal stuff that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with your potential clients out of your business related information.
However, if your lifestyle reflects your business, feel free to share some pictures amongst your business information. If you are a swimwear designer, then those personal bikini pictures are very welcome on your business page!
Q. Is the time of posting important?

A. Yes, depending on who your ideal clients are, the time at which you will post will impact your reachability. For instance, if your clients are moms who are businesswomen, posting during the day is less likely going to reach them than if you post after the kids are in bed. You have to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and imagine what their day looks like and when they will possible have the opportunity to check their Facebook feed.

Q. How do I determine what the best posting time is?

A. It’s usually by trial and error. Pay close attention to your Facebook analytics and adapt your postings according to what you want your results to be. You can find some valuable resources on our Pinterest board to give you some support, and also keep in mind that your best posting times may vary depending on who your ideal client is, as mentioned above.

Q. How do you deal with the “haters”?

A. “Haters” are everywhere. Your best bet is to always keep your integrity and answer their comments in your best possible voice. Do not let them bring you down, and do not vent about it publicly either. Answering by another attack is not going to do any good to you or your business. Be the bigger person and respond positively and maybe teach him/her a lesson. ;)

Have a great week, and keep posting!!

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