“I met Jessica the first time when I walked into a B.I.G. pod meeting. Although it was a very brief meeting, she made such an impression on me that the following week I gave her a call. I was stuck and struggling with my next steps and finding the time to market myself. As a startup, I needed a lot of help with my online marketing and was struggling to find the time to set up my social media platforms. 

In one month, I had over one 100 followers on Instagram and received over 400 views for posts on my Facebook. Jessica not only updated my website and Facebook, set up my Instagram and Pinterest, but also took me to visit many new clients in my community. Within the month, I was in 3 stores because of her.

She gave me tips on setting up my content calendar and scheduling posts which makes me more efficient in my time management on social media. My experience with Red Root Marketing was amazing. I not only had fun, but was educated on social media and how to market my products. Red Root Marketing is an amazing company and will do wonders for your company.” -Juli-Anne Royes, Owner of Juli-Anne’s Tropical Kitchen

"When I asked Red Root Marketing to manage a multi-faceted social media program for my new novel, The Backstage Man, I was entrusting them to optimize my marketing dollars – and maximize results — for a project that was very dear to my heart. Jessica and her team have been on top of the program every step of the way, doing their research, developing the plan, and working the plan, with both energy and discipline. I have felt every step of the way that my book and I are in very good hands." -Ed Shankman, Author of The Backstage Man and Award-Winning Children's Author

"I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to work with Red Root Marketing and Jessica! Her knowledge, guidance and expertise are unsurpassed. 

Red Root Marketing has propelled my business forward by helping me schedule public speaking events and fine tune my message and image. Jessica is always available to answer my questions and assist me.

Without the market expertise of Red Root, my dog training business would still be struggling to survive in an over-saturated market.

Jessica has helped put my business and public speaking programs on the map. I can't thank her enough for the tremendous benefits I have received from working with her!

I would highly recommend Red Root Marketing to any and all small businesses.

--Linda Jovic, Founder and Owner of Dogs by Linda

 "I started working with Red Root Marketing soon after hearing Jessica and Sandie speak at a local business meeting.  I was immediately impressed by their expertise in marketing as well as their enthusiasm and professionalism.  They custom designed a marketing plan to fit the unique needs of my business.  Since Red Root began coordinating my marketing, PR and social media, they have created a professional and polished look for my business.    They are a one-stop shop for helping entrepreneurs grow their business in a fast, effective and cost-efficient manner."

--Dr. Anastasia Pytal, Psy.D., Northern New Jersey Counseling Center, Little Falls, NJ

"We hired Jessica and Red Root Marketing to create a case study microsite for our ProSocial Marketing consultancy. Jessica guided us through the process seamlessly(and with good humor), helping us navigate the sometimes-overwhelming task of drawing out and organizing the highlights of our case studies.

Red Root partnered with us to create a modern, sleek and functional website that we liked so much, we decided to migrate our primary website over to this new one!  Jessica listened to what we needed and helped us clarify and achieve our goals.

 Jessica was a pleasure to work with, flexible and always reachable. She came and sat with us to ensure that everything was precisely as we wanted, and got things done within our timeframe. We would recommend her to everyone but then she will be too busy for us, so, shhhhh. She’s the real thing!"

--Susan Pinkwater and Amy Putman of Pinkwater & Putman, Montclair, NJ

“In support of The Fine Grind Coffee Bar, Jessica has been responsible for the marketing, PR, Social Media and event coordination for over 9 years. She does an amazing job in every aspect. Jessica’s greatest attribute is her work ethic. She continually takes complete ownership of any project she is assigned, which is very comforting to any business owner. Jessica is completely self-sufficient, she knows what needs to get done and completes it in a professional, creative and timely manner.  I owe much of the success of my business to Jessica, she is a tremendous asset to the organization.”

—Rhonda Mallek, Owner of The Fine Grind Coffee Bar, Little Falls, NJ

“Jessica was incredible! She was able to get a true sense of my new firm’s mission, philosophy and culture and create a dynamic website within days that captured all of it perfectly.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!”--John Hicks, Principle DLB Hicks

"I had the good fortune of meeting Jessica from Red Root Marketing at an event she was managing for a colleague. I was so impressed with her enthusiasm, ability to take charge, make connections and make everyone feel at ease. I asked how she could improve my business for me. She proposed a great plan of action and followed through. I am very happy, very relieved and would not have accomplished as much in such a short period of time without her service.  I would recommend her service to anyone!

--Tracy Resnick-Hart, Hypnotrition, Montclair, NJ

"Red Root Marketing has been a huge help in both my business and in LittleFallsBiz, for which I am the President. Jessica spent time with me developing a marketing plan for my business and her recommendations were right on.

She also spoke at a business association meeting about Social Media and answered many questions from the small business owners that are members.  She was a tremendous help to them and was able to clear up some confusion many of them had about the different social media avenues.

If you are ever in need of someone to help with your business’ marketing, Red Root Marketing is a great choice."

--Karen Winick, Pencilworks Studio, President-LittleFallsBiz

“Jess is fantastic; I can’t recommend her highly enough. She isn’t just friendly–she’s warm, good-hearted, and caring. She’s also energetic and professional. Her enthusiasm for any job she’s doing is absolutely contagious, so even if you’re reluctant going into a project, you’ll find that her encouragement and professionalism make you feel as if you’re in good hands. She can take what seems like an enormous, intimidating task and make it entirely within reach. Jess is the kind of business woman that many of us aspire to be like–she’s good at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone.” 

—Lisa Van Allen, Author

“It has been about a year since I started to work with Jessica of Red Root Marketing. The best thing I can say is RESULTS! During this year Jessica’s work added a new and very well attended class to my teaching schedule, and two of my classes doubled their attendance!

Jessica has helped me with time management, scheduling, printed and online materials – all things she does so much better and in a shorter time then I do, leaving me more time to focus on lesson plans and my own studies.

I highly recommend Jessica if you are looking for an effective, kind, and easy to work with professional.”

—Miriam Moran Shankman, MQT and Master teacher

“I’m an author with a number of published books and I don’t have as much time to devote  to promotion as I’d like to. I solved part of that problem by hiring Jessica Maarek and her Red Root Marketing to handle two specific areas.  I told Jessica I wanted her to book my lectures into libraries in her area and to find radio interviews.  Jessica gave me a written proposal within a week with a price and we came to an agreement.  

Within two weeks, I had three library lectures booked and Jessica negotiated sizable fees for these lectures.  Over a month or so, she came up with about a dozen potential radio interviews and four of them have scheduled me to be on their shows so far. All-in-all, Jessica delivered on what she wrote up in her proposal and did an outstanding job at a competitive price. If you have a marketing problem, I highly recommend you contact Jessica and ask for her assistance.”

—Hank Quense, Author

"I thought I needed a little help updating my website, but Jessica completely revamped it and gave it the look I was deeply wanting and needing, but hadn't known how to make happen. She helped me think through what I was really wanting in a fast and efficient way. The end product is polished, reflecting my brand and my mission."

Leslie Rawlings, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Montclair, NJ

“As the Director of the Cedar Grove Public Library I constantly strive to reach as many residents as I can regarding our programs and events. When Jessica offered to help us with outreach, I was overjoyed. Jessica is focused, efficient, and skilled at her craft. She takes the time to connect with people on a human level and I think that is a huge part of how successful she is at marketing. I understand first hand how her skills have helped the Library reach a broader audience, and I consider myself lucky to have had her assistance over the years. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their business’ or organization's reach.”

—Peter Havel, Director, Cedar Grove Public Library