Social Media Is No Place for News!

From Lynne, our Strategy Guru:

Social Media Is No Place for News!
As the strategy guru at Red Root Marketing, social media is something I think about and work with every day…and night…and weekends. Social media marketing is a great way for companies and consumers to connect - when there is a relevant and meaningful affinity. Personally, I love seeing my favorite local accessory designer share a Facebook post about her new scarf creations or find out from a spectacular photo of froth on Instagram that a new coffee shop is opening up around the corner. Social media is also a great place to find out that my running group is putting together a new training class or my daughter has worn something entirely inappropriate to a college football game. I enjoy keeping up with local events and the people I care about.


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Do your customers know how awesome you are?

They may not, and it’s your job to make sure they know just how amazing your company is. But how can we do this authentically, and without overdoing it and putting people off? Here are a few tips for making sure people know about AND are excited by your success.

1.     Make sure your business is truly customer-centric. Before you can ‘authentically’ brag, is your business ‘customer first.’ Revenue is critical – but how is the revenue made? Repeat clients or high churn? Customer-centric business success includes metrics like retention rates, customer satisfaction levels, referral volume, community impact, product/service value...are just a few. What are some of the metrics you track?  

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What’s so special about small businesses?

What’s so special about small businesses? Location, location, location. And by location, I mean LOCAL! Here are the top 4 local business growth strategies that need to be in your business plan:

Tip #1: Create a plan that places your business at the center.

Tip #2: Develop events that integrate your business into the community.

Tip #3: Partner with other business along the value chain.

Tip #4: Establish relationships with local print and digital media outlets.

Tip #5: Attend Red Root Marketing’s Community Mapping Workshop this February!

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