What’s so special about small businesses?

What’s so special about small businesses?

What’s so special about small businesses? Location, location, location. And by location, I mean LOCAL! Here are the top 4 local business growth strategies that need to be in your business plan:

Tip #1: Create a plan that places your business at the center.

Tip #2: Develop events that integrate your business into the community.

Tip #3: Partner with other business along the value chain.

Tip #4: Establish relationships with local print and digital media outlets.

Tip #5: Attend Red Root Marketing’s Community Mapping Workshop this February!


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‘Tis the Season of Hashtag Holidays

For local and small businesses up to 40% of annual revenue is earned in November and December. To not capitalize on the marketing power of the season, including the commercially created hashtag holidays, is truly a lost opportunity. However, which should you take advantage of and how?

#BlackFriday started as an in-store sales event, but is now a pervasive, expected seasonal discount spanning most of November. The noise and competition around #BlackFriday is so dramatic that it requires heavy promotion to stand out in the crowd. While full participation in a #BlackFriday event may not be appropriate for all small businesses, the strategy of an appealing loss-leader to drive store traffic can be very effective.

#SmallBusinessSaturday, founded by American Express, is a marketing approach with increasing resonance for consumers and communities. As we experience the explosion of online behemoths, big box multi-nationals, and even suburban malls, community and civically-minded consumers are drawn to patronizing and promoting their local stores and services. The online creative assets available at www.americanexpress.com  make it easy to convey a #SmallBusinessSaturday message and remind shoppers to come out in force on November 25th.

#CyberMonday has lost some of its impact with the digitization of #BlackFriday. However, consumers have been trained to watch their email inbox diligently on Monday, November 27th because they know that the very best offers will be shared on that date and via that channel. Email lists should be built, cleaned and nurtured over the course of the year with this one email blast in mind.

For non-profits and fundraisers, #GivingTuesday was created to capitalize on the holiday hashtag momentum. Marketing connected to this hashtag provides a boost to all usual development efforts and enjoys a halo of conscience and community responsibility. The sharing aspect of social media and email are perfect platforms for the #GivingTuesday message. This year, Facebook will waive its 5% commission on all money raised on November 28th, increasing the impact of contributions which is important to donors and non-profits alike.

Taking advantage of the holiday hashtag phenomenon requires advance planning and benefits from teaser campaigns that start the promotions much earlier than the appointed dates. Next year, Red Root Marketing will be happy to help you begin your planning and execution in September for maximum impact.


Small Business Feature - How I Doubled My Client Base with Simone Sloan

I recently hired Simone Sloan, a business and leadership coach, to conduct an objective analysis of how I run my business to see if there was anything I could do to implement a strategy to grow my business. Simone helped me find solutions to obstacles and problems that had been plaguing me and my business for some time, by coaxing ideas and answers from me in an incredibly effective way. She also developed concrete strategies for me to expand my business.
After working with Simone, I literally doubled my client base! Find out below how she helped me and can help you too...

How do you help entrepreneurs grow their business?

  • I provide insights and create actions bringing about real business results.
  • I can also transform your approach to business through structured, intuitive and positive coaching to allow your business to flourish.
  • Another thing I do is I help you get past business ‘roadblocks’ impeding your growth by providing a 360 degrees assessment of the business to optimize strategies to increase your client base, revenue, and accelerate your growth.

What type of results have clients received working with you?
I align an entrepreneur’s vision and strategies to:

  • Increase revenue and client base
  • Streamline their business service offerings
  • Hone communication message
  • Optimize personal branding

What gets you out of bed every day?

  • My passion and energy comes from working with people and organizations who are committed to change and willing to embrace positive behaviors and new ways of thinking.

Why should someone use a business coach?

  • Change is a constant. But managing change to your own advantage needs a helping hand. That’s where I come in with my business experience and training, really listening to your needs to help you to improve.

With what type of people do you work?

  • I partner with entrepreneurs and small business owners. I meet and work with you either in person or on SKYPE. I enjoy providing a personalized approach to address your business needs.

What services do you offer?
I offer the following services:

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Personal branding and Leadership presence
  • Sales training or sales optimization

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

  • The positive impact and success achieved not only with the people with whom I work, but also the positive ripple effect their success has on those they touch.
  • I enjoy seeing clients unleash the untapped power from within and utilizing that power to grow and improve their business.

What legacy do you hope to leave through your work?

  • The legacy that I would like to leave through my work is the image of a tree. The tree has strong roots, it grows, shares it fruits and continues to nourish future generations.

What is it about your business that makes you feel that it’s the right fit for you?

  • I wake up every morning and I am energized by the work and success that I see in my clients, as well as the positive feedback that I receive from them. It is natural and my true self shows up every day.

If you are interested in working with Simone Sloan or having her come to speak at your networking event or company, please contact her at:
MBY Coach, LLC

Warmest wishes,