Red Root Interview by Author Hank Quense

Red Root Marketing Interview

June 22, 2015 · by hanque · in Modern Living

Do you have a small business in need of marketing help? Red Root Marketing and Jessica Maarek may be the answer you’re searching for.

I’ve known Jessica Maarek for a few years. She is the President of Red Root Marketing. Last year, we started working together to publicize my books and lectures. The collaboration has worked out well for both of us. I interviewed Jessica recently and the Q&A’s are posted below. --Hank Quense

What is Red Root and what does it do?
Red Root Marketing is a full-service marketing and events agency that specializes in small business PR, events and social marketing. I sit down with every small business client and we figure out which marketing tactics are and aren’t working for their company. We then form a realistic strategy and decide what projects I can take on to unburden the business owner. I recently hired Sandie Beausse-Reddin who is a social media pro and is the Creative Director at Red Root.

* Red Root Marketing uses simple, effective, grassroots methods to do the following for clients:
* Open new social media accounts and build on existing ones, creating engaging, original material
* Create modern, relatively inexpensive and functional websites
* Write and send press releases and photos to numerous contacts at local magazines and papers
* Take high quality photos of events, venue, products, etc. to use on social media and in papers
* Post events to online calendars and on social media
* Fortify brand cohesion
* Copy write and copyedit promotional materials
* Create and manage Facebook and Google ads
* Imagine, organize and run pertinent events that bring local businesses together, linking people in the community together, getting the company’s name and message out there and ultimately bringing in new customers

It is important to me that all of my clients feel a part of their local community, connecting and rallying with other entrepreneurs for public brand awareness and to attract new and repeat customers.

What are your qualifications?
My formal education was not marketing based. I studied Political Science and French at University of Wisconsin-Madison and lived in France for 6 years, where I was a Business English teacher and then administrator at a medium-sized, family run business language school. As an admin at this school for executives, I had my first experience with sales, marketing and quality control and found that I wasn’t half bad at it!

When we relocated to New Jersey after a stint in New York City, I was asked by entrepreneur friends of mine to become the event coordinator for their two coffeehouses in their new locations. They said I was perfect for the job because of my enthusiasm and my ability to bring new customers in all the time as a customer myself. They didn’t even want to see a resume! The owners were incredibly supportive and let me have free reign of the events and PR, letting me develop my own style and experiment with all types of different social media, outreach and PR.

I invited entrepreneurs and other experts to come and speak, authors to read and sign their books, local artists to hang their artwork—we have a full and completely exciting roster and because of these events, the coffeehouse became a hub of the community and is still a great place to network and make connections.

Other small businesses began to ask me to do the same thing for them that I was doing for the coffeehouse and Red Root Marketing was born. I discovered that small business owners are searching for people who understand their needs and are able to take the pressure off of them by strategizing, streamlining and simply spreading the word about their business.

What are your ambitions for Red Root?
I am deeply motivated by the way a little bit of elbow grease and enthusiasm can help invigorate, encourage and grow small businesses, helping them to get their message out to potential customers.

I want to help as many small businesses as I can be successful, learn how to manage their marketing in a streamlined and unburdensome way.

What about authors? Do you work with them?
I have worked with many authors before and what I do for them can be varied. I can:
* run their social media,
* book events at local venues and
* get event information online and in the local press
* hand out flyers
* organize book clubs
* book the authors in different events (panels, vendor events, etc.) in the area that may bring in new readers and sales.
* and I have a keen eye for copy editing!

What other types of clients do you handle?
My roster of clients is varied: I have worked with coffeehouses, restaurants, therapists, authors, chiropractors, interior designers, clothing lines, lifestyle practitioners, a craft shop, a dog trainer, a cheese shop and many, many others! Red Root Marketing is also available to give talks on social media for small businesses for networking groups or any other kind od group!

For more information, please visit Red Root’s website at or contact Jessica at / 973 650 0960.