Don't Ever Miss a Sale Opportunity

Hi Friends,
I’ve shared in past newsletters that you should pick and choose one social media platform that you feel most comfortable with and really enjoy promoting your products/services. Don’t overwhelm yourself posting on all the various media; however, here is the deal.
I believe each and everyone of you should sign up, create an account and set up your profile for every social media.
Yes, every single one: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (IG), LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
And no, you're not going to get overwhelmed. This is a simple and one time only job that will enable you to never ever miss a sale opportunity.
How: In your new profile, add a picture that represents your business, write a small blurb about what you do/offer and put a link to your website. Then, add a short sentence to indicate that you are mostly present on a different platform (link that platform). And done! You never have to go back to it if you don’t feel like it. 
Example: Stylist & Mentor Hilary Rushford was active on every social media until she stopped enjoying any of it. She favored IG and made the decision to solely post there. Hilary kept each other account leaving a notice in the profile to join her on IG where “[her] party is”. She left a link to her IG to redirect people there.

With Instagram, you can even make your profile private so you're sure that no one ever tries to follow you, yet they’ll be able to click to your website.
If you're unsure how to do this, shoot me an email. As the Instagram addict that I am, I'm now offering 2 brand new IG services {IG basics if you want to start an active account, or IG intensive if you feel like boosting it}, but this task will only take 5 minutes. We can set it up together, my gift to you! 

Why get on every social media:

  • People (potential customers) search companies and products/services on social media (which every they like the most) to find images, reviews, something interesting. If you’re not up there, they won’t find you, you missed a sale.
  • Companies (like us) enjoy sharing their interest about a specific business/business owner and tag them into the post. If you’re not up there, they won’t be able to add your profile handle (i.e., @redrootmarketing). No handle, no clickable way to be directed to your own profile, no link to your website, a missed sale opportunity.

Example from Twitter:

Inspirational talk last night at Core Wellness Center by @bern_elliott. Bern discussed how you can make your dreams come true too!

— @RedRootMktgApril 24, 2015

If author Bernadette Elliott did not have a Twitter account, she'd have missed an opportunity for our followers to click on her name, engage with her, and most importantly be redirected to her website to hopefully purchase her novel.

Now, go on and get those new social media accounts up! Send us an email with your handles or simply tag us in a post {click on the social media icons bellow to find our handles}. I'd love to connect with you on each platform and mention your business in an upcoming post.

Don't forget to email me if you need help setting your IG private profile
And if you can't wait to take it to the next level, because let's face it, IG is the best social media ;), let's get together for some IG goodness!
Good luck, sell plenty, and #growwithredroot! 


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