If you want to become better at growing your small business using social media marketing, but struggle with knowing which social media platforms you need to be on, who to follow, what content to post and how to grow your audience, this course is for you.

Plus, you will leave with the confidence that you can do it on your own.

What You Will Learn....

You will learn how to use social media to build connections, brand awareness and create an effective system for amplifying your business’s message across town. Lessons are organized across 4 simple milestones that every social media marketer needs and this course will give you the tools to grow with confidence.

Harnessing Your Local Community. Tap into your local community to create a powerful network of connections to promote your brand message.

Selecting Social Media Platforms. Learn which platforms are ideal for reaching your future customers.

Creating Compelling Content. Learn how to create inspiring content that captivates your customer. Attract your customers and get your brand noticed in relevant communities by effectively using #HASHTAGS and @ACCOUNT TAGGING.

Engaging Your Customers and Prospects. Maximize your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and grow your business

Why you will LOVE this course…

Learn from Experts. Learn from two dynamic and engaging women who are growing small businesses in the Metro NY/NJ area using their tried and true social media marketing techniques.

Simple Step-by-Step Training. Through a series of inspiring videos, detailed instructional slides, printable templates and guided exercises, entrepreneurs will learn the basic steps needed to turn their social media into a meaningful marketing channel.

Flexible Viewing. View lessons on any devise, in any order and on your schedule.

Course Certification. Receive an official Red Root Certification upon viewing the course. Add it as an accomplishment or educational training to your resume, share with your manager or use it to brag to your colleagues on LinkedIn.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone who is a/an:

    • Retail shop owner looking to build traffic through local social media

    • Entrepreneur just starting out or has a business that has plateaued

    • Artisan or maker on your journey to turning your passions into profit

    • Health, fitness, professional and executive coaches offering their support to care about people's lives

    • Non-profit marketers who are looking to conserve their non-working dollars and maximize engagement for their cause