Small Business Incubator

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Small Business Incubator square 2018.png

Small Business Incubator


At Root Marketing we do a lot of listening. Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot from entrepreneurs who are thinking about launching a business, considering a pivot, a transition, or just plotting for a big boost of growth. What do many of them have in common? These business owners and future entrepreneurs need space dedicated to their innovation; they need inspiration to focus and to develop; they need camaraderie to learn from each other and support to help them grow in leaps, not just steps.

To support this need, Red Root Marketing is launching a ‘Small Business Incubator’ for local entrepreneurs – to help start-ups get started and established businesses get more support to get that hockey stick of growth!

Beginning September 20th, we will dedicate our Verona office every Thursday from 9am to 5pm to provide the space, education and support for entrepreneurs and start-ups to plan for growth.

Our entrepreneurs will receive:

-Co-working space to help them dedicate their time and attention. No distractions or excuses – just a day focused on the new business idea.

-Opportunity to learn from experts in topics critical to small business success. Each week, Red Root Marketing will provide a learning program to inspire growth. Local experts and Red Root’s own marketing and strategy gurus will be available each week to provide insights and solutions to our entrepreneurs growth challenges.

-Sharing and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs. Learning from other participants and benefiting from each person’s expertise and experience during informal breaks, brown bag lunches and the occasional networking cocktail hour.

Entrepreneurs may sign up for a single 4-week session or multiple sessions. Each 4-week session is $799, with savings for those who sign up for multiple sessions. If you are ready to invest in yourself and your idea, reach out to learn more.

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