Tell Your Story

Telling your story through video can be a powerful marketing
tool to communicate your mission and stir the emotions of your potential customers. 

Consumers are increasingly choosing video on their mobiles and tablets to get their information and entertainment. It’s why video has become a critical component of marketing plans for businesses big and small.  

Red Root has partnered with Chakra Media Group, an award-winning film/video production company. Anyone can make a video. Filmmakers Kiran and Genevieve bring their vast experience in film production to corporate filmmaking. They specialize in emotionally targeted storytelling. The result is corporate videos of high-impact messaging, superior quality and getting results.

"Emotion drives decision making. Behind every brand, product or service is a person with a fascinating and compelling story of why and how it came to be. Find that story and its emotional core – that’s your connection with your audience. And that’s why our tagline is ‘Everyone Has A Good Story. What’s Yours?”

CMG customizes film and video solutions for each client. To do this, we understand your business goals and target audience, then work with a roster of award-winning artists and technicians whose portfolios include work for global brands like Coke, Axe, Adidas, Goodyear, ESPN, MTV, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

Please watch this video produced by Chakra Media Group for the Wharton Music Center's Paterson Music Project whose mission is to use music as a vehicle for social change by empowering and inspiring young children through the community experience of ensemble learning and playing. The video won the 2015 Telly Award for Film & Video Production.