New Leaf, a Branch of Red Root Marketing


Where Red Root Marketing is about connecting local businesses to their communities through social media and smart strategy, New Leaf is about the stories behind of some of these businesses and organizations, those run by women. New Leaf is about promoting and empowering female founders with a social media platform that engages and exhilarates those who turn leaves, pivot and disrupt every single day. 

Jessica and Lynne are proud to extend a New Leaf from the Red Root plant, growing a place for conversation and energy in support of local women everywhere who are building businesses, changing communities and making a difference. New Leaf seeks to #empowerwomenlocally by  showcasing the local entrepreneurs who inspire us; encouraging the next generation of women founders; and establishing a networking group dedicated to creating new collaborations by bringing women together to build something bigger.

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Showcasing Inspirational Women

A branch of the Red Root Marketing mission is to raise up women who are seeking to make a positive impact in their communities. And, of course, communities can be geographically defined or based on common pursuits, but the work is always happening LOCALLY. Stemming from Red Root Marketing's dual focus of hyper-local and world-class, Lynne and Jessica are launching an Instagram platform dedicated to building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are excited to promote the success of women and dedicated to empowering women to take on the world - be it commercially, civically or spiritually. Join the conversation at @NewLeafLocal.

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Growing Next Gen Disruptors

The next generation of female founders and entrepreneurs are growing up right now. New Leaf is focused on helping these girls and young women develop skills and tools to take the world by storm. Check back on our progress and get inspired by all that these young people are doing. Perhaps you'll even want to join in the effort...

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Building Collaborations - Beyond Networking

We are continually impressed by the depth and breadth of creativity and brilliance among the women in our local area. So often we wonder 'what if' all of our amazing women friends got together and started a business. Well, what if they did? New Leaf is creating a collaboration opportunity unlike any networking group. These collaborations are the result of women with complimentary skills and dreams connecting and joining forces to create something bigger and better.  More details will be shared soon.